Особые даты

Вкладка «Особые даты»

Our special dates tab in the taxi WordPress plugin allows you to set up and increase prices for holidays such as bank holidays, Christmas, and Easter. This feature is particularly useful if you expect an increase in demand during these times, as you can adjust your prices accordingly……


Вкладка «Акции»

Our Promotions tab in the taxi WordPress plugin allows you to offer extra services to your customers, such as a SIM card, bouquet of flowers, newspaper, WiFi, or any other additional service that you would like to provide….


Вкладка «Купоны»

Our Coupons tab in the Taxi WordPress plugin allows you to create discounts for your clients when they make reservations through your website. With this feature, you can easily create and manage coupon codes that your customers can use to receive a discount on their rides….